Health Benefits & Beauty Treatments using Honey 

Honey can be used to help in healing a wide variety of different illnesses and regular use can provide significant long-term health benefits. In fact, scientific studies have shown that daily use of honey strengthens the immune system and protects your body from bacteria and viruses, including colds and flu.

In addition, due to it’s skin soothing properties, honey can be used in a variety of beauty treaments and helps to reduce lines, wrinkles and the effects of ageing. As honey is so calming, it can even be used to just help you unwind by treating yourself with a luxury honey-based face mask or lip balm.

We have a wealth of information on honey-based health treatments and beauty therapies that you can make and use at home for absolutely free!

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Whether you decide to start making organic treatments for common ailments or to make yourself look younger and more radiant with calming beauty therapies – We promise you, you won’t regret it!




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Pure rich honey can help your body to heal itself and stay healthy.






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Honey can soothe the skin and reduce the effects of ageing.





Honey for health

From the ancient Greek physicians to the followers of alternative medicine today, honey has always played an important role in the pursuit of health. Because Honey is 100% pure & natural, it is very easily absorbed into the blood stream so it is ideal for giving an instant burst of energy. It is often used by athletes both before and after competing to boost energy levels. It is believed that honey has the property of drawing out water from the cells of bacteria causing them to dehydrate and die. It also contains an antibiotic substance called inhibine.

Lemon and Honey Throat Soother (effective at treating mild sore throats)

Place 3 tbsps of honey in a small bowl and mix with the juice of 1 lemon. Add 2 tspns of vegetable glycerine, stirring until smooth. Stir in the ginger. Gargle and swallow 1 teaspoon every hour.