Our Chairperson Michael Hughes has this year (2018) become the Education Officer for the Irish Beekeepers Association CLG; while Prof. Breandán Ó Cochláin has been acting as an advisor and a Certification Officer for the IBA’s developing examination system. Please see the webpage of the IBA’s website for more current information:

Recommended Book List for General Reading

(list is not exhaustive and does not purport to be a complete list)

  1. Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee – HA Dade
  2. Guide to Bees and Honey – T Hooper
  3. The Honey Bee Inside and Out – C Davis
  4. The Honey Bee Around and About – C Davis
  5. Study Notes (Various) – JD & BD Yates
  6. Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee – F Ruttner
  7. Plants and Beekeeping – FN Howes
  8. The Biology of the Honey Bee – M Winston
  9. The Humble Bee – Sladen
  10. Managing Varroa – FERA(UK)
  11. Foul Brood Diseases of Honey Bees – FERA(UK)
  12. Control of Varroa – Goodwin and Eaton
  13. Beekeeping in Ireland A History – JK Watson
  14. The Buzz about Bees – J Tautz
  15. Bee, Hives and Honey – E O’Sullivan (FIBKA)
  16. Haynes Bee Manual – Claire & Adrian Waring
  17. Having Healthy Honeybees – John McMullan
  18. A Manual of Beekeeping- Wedmore
  19. Anatomy of the Honeybee – Snodgrass
  20. Encyclopedia of Beekeeping – Hooper & Morse
  21. Honeybee, Pests Predators & Diseases – Morse & Flotum
  22. Practical Beekeeping – Clive de Bruyn
  23. Honeybee Democracy – Tom Seeley
  24. The Wisdom of The Hive – Tom Seeley
  25. Communication among Social Bees – Lindauer