A life of the Honey Bee

IWF documentary: An Effective Method for Prevention of Bee Diseases (Dustmann, Jost H. (Celle); Schönberger, Edeltraut (Celle); Schönberger, Helmut (Celle))

Beekeeping by Rotation System

(Excellent Video) it is narrated in English

Honey Bees and Beekeeping 7.1: Overwintering hives

Honey Bees and Beekeeping 6.2: Extracting honey

Removeing Swarms


Part 1 Beekeeper saving bees,beehive from building.Honeybee nest removed from ceiling into Beekeepers bee box.

Part 2 Beehive building removal,Beekeeping Swarm move into Beekeepers Honey Bee hive 

Massive Beehive in Closet – 1 of 2

Massive Beehive in Closet – 2 of 2


From Life in the Undergrowth

David Attenborough describes life at the heart of the hive, exploring the fascinating world of the bee colony. This is one of nature’s most highly organised and well constructed ways of life. It’s a life cycle story that has provided a rich thematic backdrop to many a work of fiction exploring the nature of humanity and society.

From Springwatch Hygienic honey bees

How to Deal with Varroa

Chris Packham meets a dedicated apiarist who has a plan to tackle varroa mites by breeding bee colonies that know how to control the infestations.